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Uneasy Rider

Mike DeStefano was still on the rise as a comedian when he died of a heart attack at 44. He was one of the finalists on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and definitely stood out from the pack. He wasn’t always the funniest, but there was something direct and heartfelt about him that made you root for him, and you could feel the weight of his personal story, always. He grew up tough in the Bronx. Had been addicted to heroin. Three months before his death, he spoke with his fellow…
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Upping Your Happiness Quotient

Did you know that: A full 40% of our happiness levels can be altered by our intentional behavior. Once basic needs are met, more money does not bring more happiness, People whose basic values are money, image and status are less satisfied, more depressed, more anxious and less vital than those whose values are personal growth, having close relationships and concern for others’ well-being. The country of Bhutan tracks the Gross National Happiness of its people and considers it more important than its Gross National Product. The positive psychology movement…
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