Want a Better Memory? Take a Break

Cutting-Edge-Counseling-13We’ve had proof for a long time that our memories are boosted during sleep. New evidence suggests that memories are also strengthened during periods of rest while we are awake.

“Taking a coffee break after class can actually help you retain that information you just learned”, says Lila Davachi, a researcher at New York University. “Your brain wants you to tune out other tasks so you can tune in to what you just learned.”

The study focused on memory consolidation, the period when a memory is stabilized after it is initially created. The subjects whose brains were able to rest more during this period had stronger memories.

“Your brain is working for you when you’re resting, so rest is important for memory and cognitive function”, says Davachi. “This is something we don’t appreciate much, especially when today’s information technologies keep us working round-the-clock.”

ScienceDaily, 1-29-10