About Us

Stephanie Book KoehlerCo-Founder

MA, LMFT30659

My only ambition as a little kid was to be happy, and all these years later it still remains central to my vision. My motivation to become a therapist sprang from my desire to learn more about the complicated business of being human. I always wondered—How do I get “good” at life? How do I stop being harshly critical of myself? Can I stop feeling so scared? How do I make sense of being born, living and dying? . . .

Lee Ann TeaneyCo-Founder

MA, LMFT30689

I really love my work. I’ve been a therapist for over 25 years and I’m so grateful to have work that lets me focus on what I consider to be most important. And what could be better than sitting with good people and being connected and engaged in the deep exploration of our true self, happiness, love, how to have a good life and be a quality human being? . . .

Our Team

Susan Clayton LMFT 116367

I am passionate about helping my clients and I approach therapy with mindfulness, paying particular attention to the mind/body connection. We can make the conscious choice to learn and grow through our traumas, giving our lives deep meaning, connection and purpose. I also know that the healing process can feel disheartening. My playful style and calming presence help to keep this process hopeful. Allow me to share the wisdom of my journey and walk with you on your path to healing.

Jacklynne Marder AMFT 108214

I believe deeply in this work because I have taken my own healing journey from a traumatic past to a sense of well-being and resiliency in the present. Through my own trauma therapy as well as my work as a trauma-Informed yoga instructor and trauma therapist, I have experienced how our body/minds have an innate ability to release trauma and be restored to ease and balance. I feel grateful every day for the privilege of walking with others on their own paths of healing. I work collaboratively and bring compassion, humor, authenticity and curiosity to this work.