Attachment Repair Therapy

Attachment repair therapy allows for healing from insecure attachment learned early in life.

What Is Attachment Disruption?

Our earliest relationships served as models for how we expect the world to work and how we anticipate others will behave. If we experienced an insecure attachment pattern, we are more likely to re-experience insecurity in our closest relationships, especially with romantic partners and with our own children.

By its very nature, early (developmental) trauma gives us a pervasive sense of insecurity and lack of safety, in our relationships and in the world.

The Signs of Attachment Disruption

The following are signs of attachment disruption:

    • Experiences of anxiety, insecurity and distrust
    • Abandonment issues
    • A lack of a sense of safety
    • Feelings of loneliness and emptiness
    • Difficulty developing and maintaining significant relationships
    • Control issues
    • A lack of a sense of belonging
  • Healing from Insecure Attachment

    Yes, insecure attachment can be healed. This can be done by pairing with a loving, caring, consistent partner. This is also be done with a therapist, and it is absolutely necessary to choose a therapist who feels safe and containing.

    When a secure bond is developed with someone who has a healthy attachment pattern, more inner security is developed because you are actively experiencing a new model for how relationships can work. By having a corrective emotional experience with someone who is engaging and steadfast, you develop a deeper sense of inner security and possibility.