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What are the Secrets to Successful Aging?

When we think about satisfaction in later life, we usually focus on things like maintaining physical and mental health, volunteering and having positive relationships with others. But, what about when life narrows—when the body breaks down, when our social roles diminish, when we suffer deep losses? During those times, and for many of us, perhaps before, we wonder if there are secrets to successful aging. Are there precautions or actions we can take? Or are there daily practices we can develop that can help us maintain a higher quality of…
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Chocolate Kisses for Dementia

Dementia. For many people, it’s a triggering word. Perhaps you have or have lost a loved one with dementia. Or maybe you fear ending up with it yourself. Whether an active fear of yours or not, we all have the images in our heads of people no longer knowing who they or you are, ending life in a state of confusion. There’s a (slow) growing movement to introduce effective, respectful and inexpensive innovations to nursing homes for people with dementia. The research suggests that creating positive emotional experiences for patients…
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