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benefits of meditation

Changing Your Brain: The Benefits Of Meditation

Modern science is catching up with what long-time meditators have known for more than 5000 years: mindfulness meditation can change the brain in positive ways. With this being the case, wouldn’t it be great to be able to easily tap into the benefits of meditation? My meditation teacher used to say that we are all addicted to thinking. Really addicted. We produce 50,000 thoughts per day, 95 percent of which are repeated daily. We recycle the same habitual thoughts day after day, scrolling through “Do these pants make my butt…
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trauma symptoms

Seeing Red Can Help You Manage Trauma Symptoms

At Cutting Edge Counseling, Somatic Therapy is one of the approaches we use to help people recover from trauma and restore resiliency to their nervous systems. While it takes a therapist years to become skillful with this therapy, there are simple tools that we teach our clients to use in their everyday lives to help them manage trauma symptoms. Somatic Experiencing allows us to access extraordinarily simple self-regulation skills that tap into our body’s ability to heal and balance itself. Self-regulation skills, also known as affect-regulation skills, help us manage…
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Gender And Brain Science: Understanding The Male and Female Brain

Since hunters and gatherers first tended to their respective, gender-specific roles; books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus hit bookshelves; and recently, movies like The Female Brain made waves in theaters, there seems to be ongoing and often conflicting ideas, questions and assumptions about the differences between men and women and, specifically, the male and female brain. And, while we know that there are certainly specific similarities and differences between the genders—although these difference can be and are increasingly blurred—how much do we really know about…
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