Mindfulness Therapy

Healing from trauma is complicated and requires more than the use of specifically trauma-focused therapies. We also help you to work skillfully with your thoughts, shifting from negative to positive states through mindfulness therapy and having a healing emotional experience through a trusting bond with your therapist.

Mindfulness therapy teaches practical skills to use in everyday life to counter anxious and depressive thoughts. Circular negative thinking, shame and self-judgment are simply a part of the mindset of those who have experienced trauma, and mindfulness can combat this.

There’s a biological survival mechanism at work here: the mind thinks that if we blame ourselves, if we ruminate on the bad things that have happened, that this will somehow protect us from repeating the same mistakes.

How we think profoundly influences how we feel and behave. These negative thoughts bedevil us, but they don’t protect us. In fact, they just grind us down.

How Mindfulness Therapy Can Help Heal Trauma

Mindfulness therapy helps quiet depressive and anxious thoughts by practicing simple skills. Rumination can’t be stopped altogether, but mindfulness therapy helps you to shift your attention from regretting the past or worrying about the future by returning to your present experience.

The brain can actually change itself–this is known as “neuroplasticity” or “brain plasticity.” Through practice, new positive neural networks of self-respect and kindness can replace those of harshness and self-judgment.