Our Approach

Our Waiting Room

At Cutting Edge Counseling, we help individuals suffering from the effects of single-incident trauma and developmental trauma experience relief from their pain. We are committed to providing a safe, warm, nonjudgmental and accepting space for people from all walks of life. We can offer you support and guidance as you move through life’s deep pains and questions while also creating an environment that welcomes humor and all of the lightness that comes with healing. Self-compassion and love naturally unfold from this process.

In our practice, we use a highly effective combination of EMDR Therapy, Somatic TherapyMindfulness Therapy and Attachment Repair Therapy. If some of those terms are not familiar to you, we invite you to read more about them. In sessions, we will serve as your guides. We work from a base of relational talk therapy and interweave EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, and Mindfulness and Attachment Repair Therapy in a way that’s artful and appropriate to your needs. You don’t have to study these therapies or become an expert before a session. Rather, we encourage you to let go of the pressure you may feel and open yourself to the experience.

Guiding You Toward Healing

To put it simply, our goal is to help you feel better. We will explore what is painful to you and help you reduce that pain whether it manifests in negative thoughts and feelings or uncomfortable trauma symptoms, such as heightened anxiety, depression, disturbed sleep or feelings of isolation and low self-worth.

We use a resource-based approach to trauma treatment. Rather than focusing on “fixing” the things in your mind, body and emotions that cause you pain, we place a lot of importance on your innate ability to become more regulated. For example, if you suffer from panic attacks, we place less importance on the triggers of panic and more on the inner resources and tools that can help you come down from those intense feelings. Those resources already exist within you. The body has a wonderful healing component: the brain, body and heart are all hardwired to find peace in the storm.

Self-Compassion Is Key

No matter how painful your daily experience may be right now, the fact that you are reading this page and considering trauma therapy shows great courage. With help, you can use the resources and strengths within your body and continue the shift that brings greater resiliency and ease. Because of neuroplasticity, we can help you rewire your brain to have more access to openness, ease and pleasure.

One of the key components of trauma counseling is the development of greater self-compassion. Often, people who have experienced trauma harbor feelings of guilt, shame, low self-worth and even self-loathing. When children grow up in a stressful environment, when things are going bad and wrong, they think there is something bad and wrong about them. Developmentally, children do not have the ability to say, “I’m a good kid in a bad situation.” But in the present, your adult self can say that. Your adult self can have love and compassion for all that your younger self went through. Your adult self doesn’t have to be overwhelmed. In an act of great self-healing, you can begin to send love and care to that past younger self without losing your footing in the present moment. This is key to the development of self-kindness and respect.

We Will Offer You  Nonjudgmental Support

With support and guidance, you can begin to enjoy life again. Although it may not seem so now, there is pleasure and easy flow to be found in the present moment. As you grow more resilient and resourced, you will find yourself on the path of greater compassion, kindness and love for yourself and others. Through EMDR Treatment, Somatic Experiencing, Mindfulness Therapy and Attachment Repair Therapy, you can release the pain of trauma and find real relaxation and ease. Things like gratitude, laughter, a sense of delight and even awe can return with the new neural pathways that come with healing.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, we invite you to call Stephanie at 310-391-5851 or Lee Ann at 310-915-5950 for a free 15-minute phone consultation to learn more about trauma therapy and PTSD treatment and how we can help. We also encourage you to watch our brief introductory videos to learn more about our unique personalities and see which of us might click best with you.

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha