PTSD test

1. Have you experienced or witnessed a traumatic event?
2. During the traumatic event, did you feel intense fear or helplessness?
3. Do you experience intrusive thoughts or images about the traumatic event?
4. Do you sometimes feel like you are re-living the event or that it is happening all over again?
5. Do you have recurrent nightmares or distressing dreams about the traumatic event?
6. Do you feel intense distress when something reminds you of the traumatic event?
7. Do you try to avoid thoughts, feelings, or conversations that remind you of the traumatic event?
8. Do you try to avoid activities, people, or places that remind you of the traumatic event?
9. Are you unable to remember something important about the traumatic event?
10. Since the trauma took place, do you feel less interested in activities or hobbies that you once enjoyed?
11. Since the trauma took place, do you feel distant from other people or have difficulty trusting them?
12. Since the trauma took place, do you have difficulty experiencing or showing emotions?
13. Do you feel that your future will not be "normal" -- that you won't have a career, marriage, children, or a normal life span?
14. Since the traumatic event, have you had difficulty falling or staying asleep?
15. Do you feel more irritable or have you had outbursts of anger?
16. Have you had difficulty concentrating since the trauma?
17. Do you feel guilty because others were hurt during the traumatic event but you survived it?
18. Do you often feel jumpy or startle easily?
19. Do you often feel hyper-vigilant, that is, are you feeling and acting ready for any kind of threat?
20. Have you been experiencing symptoms for more than one month?

Stephanie Book Koehler

Lee Ann Teaney

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