Trauma Therapy

Is Trauma Keeping You

Caught in the Past?

Afraid you’ll never be able to leave your past behind? Caught up in shame spirals? Do you get jolts of fear? Maybe you had a lot of therapy and lost hope that you will ever feel okay. You’ve told your story over and over and you understand why you feel the way you do, but you still feel bad. You might be flooded with bad memories you can’t shake, feel on edge all the time or have a hard time sleeping. It leaves you wondering if there’s anyone who can help you.

Trauma Takes Many Forms

Some people find themselves haunted by memories of a single incident
trauma that left them feeling intensely frightened and unsafe. For others, trauma can be less easy to identify, especially if it was a long-term, cumulative or developmental trauma of neglect or abuse. Others are traumatized by bullying, racism or poverty. Early experiences can have profound effects on your physical, emotional and mental well-being, even if you don’t remember them.

What kinds of trauma do you treat?

Trauma Therapy Can Help Free You from the Pain of the Past

We have our own personal experiences with trauma. We understand your pain and genuinely want to help you feel better. For over 25 years Cutting Edge Counseling has helped people release the turmoil caused by trauma and embrace a more hopeful, joyous future. You can achieve internal order, self-acceptance, and peace. Humans are wired for healing. Our trauma therapy uses an advanced, highly efficient synthesis of EMDR therapy, Somatic therapy, Attachment Repair therapy and Mindfulness therapy. These are therapies on the cutting edge of neuroscience that tap into your brain’s awe-inspiring ability to create new, more positive pathways and leave bad memories in the past where they belong. Real freedom from suffering is possible.